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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Import Yahoo Stock CSV Files into MySQL -- Program

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This is a very preliminary version (Windows 7 tested) of what I intend to create. But, I thought I would share it.

What the program does:
- Downloads the CSV file of the specified stock symbol from Yahoo! Finance.
- Adds a column in the CSV file with symbol info so that you can insert multiple stock tickers in the same table and sort them by "Symbol."
- Connects to the selected database and inserts the data into a table called "stock_prices_day" with column values "Symbol", "Date", "Open", "High", "Low", "Close", "Volume", "Adj_Close".

-There are simple modifications that may need to be made in order for this to run on machines besides my own. I'll try to get around to it as soon as I find the errors.
- There are more complicated modifications that would obviously be nice, which I will (and have) work on. These will likely be kept to myself, unless there is substantial interest. Donations would be nice given that even the simple version took me quite some time to put together... :D (plus the benefits of this program to a quantifiable trading setup are large).

License Requirements:
- This is for personal use only.
- I do not guarantee it will work.
- I don't believe it will damage anything you own, but it possibly could.
- It gives no investment advice; it is merely a tool.
- It does not come with source.

If you would like the source, I am willing to talk. I'm going to update it somewhat, because it will probably malfunction on a system that isn't my own (hard written directories, perhaps, and dll file requirements).

Here is a screenshot followed by the download.

Download - Sorry, I have to find somewhere to upload the file...I guess blogger doesn't have anything built in. (Try This)  I'm going to have to build this into an installer...hmm. 

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