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Sunday, July 5, 2015

How to Download Code from Any Public Github Repository

Before we get into any more coding, this post may be of use to some of you. The following guide will show you how to clone, i.e. download, any public repository on github.

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1. Download and install git. Choose one of the following based on your operating system.
Mac OSX: 
Linux (ubuntu): sudo apt-get install git

2. Find a repository you want to download off of github. For instance, the code for our last post is at

3. Open up Git Bash if you're using Windows or Mac OSX. If you're using Linux you can use a standard terminal, because that's basically what Git Bash is.

4. Type the following:
git clone git_code
You can change "git_code" to whatever name you'd like. It is the directory (and path) that will be holding the code.

5. You're done! You now have all the code in that directory for your use. Try downloading some other repositories.

In the future I'll show you how to create your own repository on Github and how to contribute to public repositories. It's really pretty simple.

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