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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

TV is Dead

As I have yet to figure out what to do about my quantitative writings, I am back to discussing the shortfalls of  articles I find largely through Abnormal Returns. 

While still pertinent to understand, acquiring such knowledge now will not put you ahead of the game. I'm guessing this type of article is just an easy throw-away mimic article, in the vein of the "OMG the newspaper is dying!" article. Of course, it's kind of hard to write about newspapers demise anymore. Most are dead and gone, killed by up to the second free reporting. When it comes to people searching for deals and coupons in the paper, amazon and groupon (and its many clones) provide much better services--for both customer and business.

But, the newspaper sensation was fun to write about. People liked to talk about it. Now, that it is nearly dead and everyone has heard about it, I guess media outlets are moving onto the next thing. The next thing to watch die. 

You should've seen it coming ten years ago. And for the last five, online video advertising has been exploding in revenue and profit. Plus, most shows are online, and anyone with an average computer know-how can download the latest episode of anything that is not online (or ask a friend to do it for them).

The internet has replaced television for many people, and it will continue to decline. Besides habit and comfort of use, there's really no reason to access content through the television anymore. There will be even less reason to do so in ten years.

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